Advocating Self Love // Personal // Victoria BC Photographer

For as long as I can remember, the walls of my grandparents' condo were covered with photos of family. There were photos of their grandchildren's baptisms, photos of their children's weddings, lovely black and white film portraits of their siblings and parents, yet it wasn't until a couple weekends ago that I actually saw a wedding photo of the two of them. It wasn't even an original photo; it was a photo of their wedding photo in someone else's album. My gramma threw out their wedding photos and has no idea who else has originals. She got rid of them because she thought she looked fat and she felt that was a bad thing... that no one would want to look at her, that she was not worth being seen.

As summer approaches, and Kristen and I get closer and closer to our own wedding date, I want to remind you all it's not enough to ‪print our photos‬, we have to treasure them as well. We have to treasure ourselves; we are worth it. You might think it's a horrible photo of you, but I promise you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with how you look and someone who loves you wants to hold that photo close to their heart forever.

There are a few things I want you to know:

  1. If you exist, you are summer ready
  2. If you have a body, it's a good body because it's yours
  3. If you appear in a photo, it's a special photo because you are in it
  4. Fat is not a bad word; being fat is not a bad thing
  5. You are loved, fully and completely
  6. You are beautiful