Terms of Service and Liability Release

  1. A non-refundable reservation fee (25% of your session fee) is required upon booking a session to hold your session date, and is put toward the cost of your session. This can be paid with credit card, by electronic transfer to hello@nicolareiersen.ca, or cheque to Nicola Windjack (cheques are only accepted if you have booked more than a month in advance and cheque must be received within 5 business days of the contract date to hold your session date). 
  2. The reservation fee is non-refundable however you may reschedule your session up to 48 hours in advance with no penalty. If you reschedule less than 48 hours in advance a rescheduling fee of $30 will apply.
  3. The balance of your session fee is due at the session and payment can be made with cash, credit card, or by electronic transfer. You may pay the balance of your session fee by cheque to Nicola Windjack but cheque must be received at least 5 business days prior to the session date.
  4. There is a $50.00 fee on all NSF cheques.
  5. If you or anyone else in your party is sick or appears to be getting sick, please contact me prior to your session so we may re-schedule (rescheduling fees do not apply in these instances).
  6. Printed photographs are not included with your session unless specifically stated.
  7. I strongly believe in individual beauty and that all people should be celebrated. In keeping with this philosophy, I do not alter physical appearance in my photographs beyond minor enhancements such as concealing blemishes. 
  8. Photographs will be available to view and download online after they have been digitally developed.  
  9. Sneak peeks may be posted to Facebook but this is not guaranteed. When sharing sneak peeks, please do not crop out watermarks.
  10. You will receive the number of photographs specified in your session package. Each photograph is carefully selected by me based on artistry and technical perfection.
  11. All digital photographs are provided as JPEG files. Many professional labs will only accept JPEG files, and a note from the lab I use explains that JPEG "compression is a very efficient image compression algorithm designed specifically for saving photographic images. It takes advantage of how we see color versus brightness to only save information needed to reproduce the image for people to view. Image data is lost during compression but at high levels of quality you will not see a difference". 
  12. I do not provide or sell RAW files.
  13. Please allow 3 weeks for your photos to be digitally developed and your online gallery prepared. Product orders may take longer due to shipping times. Remember: your portraits are an investment and an heirloom that should not be rushed! You will be notified by telephone or e-mail when your order has shipped or is ready for you to download.
  14. Your photographs will be kept on file for one year. Due to the large size of the files they cannot be kept for longer than this. Please make sure to back up your files.
  15. Your purchase of digital files includes the right to print and share the files for personal use only. You may not print or use them for commercial use, sell them for any purpose, or alter them in any way. You are welcome to share the photographs on Instagram, but do not apply filters (I'm @nicola_rei if you want to tag me!). 
  16. All images are copyrighted Nicola Reiersen Photography / Nicola Windjack.  I retain the right to use the photographs taken during your session in any manner I see fit. This includes, but is not limited to, submission to blogs and use in promotional materials. Photographs are always showcased in the best possible way and will never compromise or jeopardize the photographer or client's reputation.
  17. You agree to hold harmless Nicola Windjack, her representatives, employees, and Nicola Reiersen Photography, from any dispute in the event you become injured during your session or while on the studio premises. Nicola Reiersen Photography and its representatives will not be held liable for any injury incurred by you or your family, or any damage to your property during the photo session or while on studio premises.